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Total Home Protection

  • 'Total Home Protection' is our premium level termite management plan designed for people who understand value and want the absolute best level of protection for their home.
  • Each 'Total Home Protection' plan is completely unique and 100% tailored to your particular situation. Rest assured when we're done, termites won't stand a chance...
  • If you're the type of person that understands and appreciates the incredible value and protection that comes with a larger commitment then our 'Total Home Protection' plan is the ultimate solution for you.  Call us now to arrange a personal consultation at your home.

Termite Treatments

  • Travelling under the earth you walk on, by day and by night, termites secretly use their incredible sense of detection to sniff out and locate potential food sources - your home!
  • Using our years of experience and technology at hand, we first get to work finding their nest and then destroying the entire colony. Helping eliminate the threat to your home.
  • To ensure complete elimination we also take full advantage of the termites natural behaviours by applying undetectable chemicals into their workings so that they unknowingly share it amongst the entire colony. Safely protecting your home and family with smart and targeted technology.

Termite Inspections

  • Approximately $1.5 billion dollars is spent every year by homeowners across Australia repairing the frightening damage caused by subterranean termites. 
  • Maintaining regular termite inspections on your property at least once a year may just be the cheapest form of insurance you can take to help protect your home.
  • Hardwood, softwood, brick and steel frame homes - we've seen the devastating damage termites can cause to all of them.  Don't let your home become one of the statistics.

Pre-Construction Treatments

  • Imagine spending all your hard-earned money on building your dream home or renovation only to find out months later that termites have got in and caused thousands of dollars in damage. 
  • With over 16 years experience in the construction and pest control industry we understand the issues and can work with your builder to make sure your home is protected for years to come.   
  • The incredibly effective combination of our technically advanced products and expert know how ensures our commitment to 'protecting your home and family'.

General Pest Control

  • With over 5,000 general pest treatments performed for our clients over the years you can be rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge to help protect your family. 
  • Specialised treatments tailored to your home and your situation guarantee's satisfaction and a successful outcome.
  • What ever your need - from spiders to cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, wasps or ants, you can rely on us to be there to help protect your home and family.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Whether you're looking for a new family home or an investment property, we'll work by your side to make sure you're not buying a home riddled with termites and the damage they cause. 
  • With over 16 years of experience in detecting and treating timber pests you can be guaranteed we know what to look for and have the expert tools to find them.
  • Electronic sounding, thermal imaging, moisture detection and the desire to access every possible area are just some of the reasons why we are best suited to help you in your next purchase decision.

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